Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Snow Joke...

I missed this one, but Mum often used to laugh about it...

Apparently, one day in the dead of winter, all ice & snow, Mum & Dad had walked me to school (not sure what age I would have been... probably about 6 or so), and were returning home again.

Mum was walking a few steps ahead of Dad, who kept saying to her "Watch your feet, D... It's really slippy, and you might fall".

She says the next thing she was aware of, was a pencil went scudding past her feet where she was walking - so she turned round... to see my Dad sat on his erse on the road where he'd slid and fallen!

She said she couldn't help him up for laughing... but I don't think he was so amused!

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Joie de vivre! said...

you have such a cool blog! cute unicorn picture ;]