Monday, May 07, 2007


2 Golfing Tales - Both involving my brother!

First one... We were having a family picnic at a quiet Orkney beach a good few summers ago, and my brother D and nephew N were playing with a golf club and ball way down the shore near the water's edge, and Ally was sitting on a rock higher up the beach, with my walkman on, listening to some music... family dotted around in the near vicinity...

Suddenly, there was an almighty explosion of heat and pain across my forehead - my brother had hit the golf ball, which had gone up, up, up, up, up... and then down, down, down, down and hit me right on the top of the head! I still don't know if they had tried to warn me or not, since I was plugged in and in a world of my own!

Bloody hell... it hurt! And I had half the family laughing, and my Dad asking how many fingers I was holding up and worrying about concussion!

Second story takes place at my sister F's farm, on another lovely sunny summer's day... Brother D and nephew N were once again playing with golf club and ball, the length of a field away from my sister's big bay window, with its single wooden upright separating 2 great big panes of glass. D took a swing at the ball, and watched it fly through the air with the greatest of ease... directly towards the window!

D panicked, my sister panicked, everyone panicked...

And, believe it or not, the ball hit right on the wooden upright... and the window survived!

I think we all learned that day that relief is brown!

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