Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Goats Are EVIL...

They simply are, and you will never persuade me otherwise.

Picture the scene... a young Ally is visiting her sister F on the farm, along with some of the rest of the family, and her elder brother G (who is really into photography at this stage) decides it would be a good idea to get a photo of Ally with F's goat, Daisy.

Ally is assured that Daisy is a good goat, and won't bite or anything, so Ally (in her fetching blue tartan trousers) stands beside Daisy - who is tethered by a length of rope - all ready to get her photo taken.

However, just as brother G has got the shot lined up perfectly and is about to press the shutter button to take the photo, Daisy quite leisurely walks round Ally, pulling the rope tight around her ankles, and then proceeds to walk away... leaving nature to take its course, and Ally lands on her erse in a muddy puddle - while brother G continues taking bloody photos!

I swear that goat laughed!

So, goats are evil in animal form...

ps. G still has the photos, but won't let me see them!

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