Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Story

Another of my compositions from O'Level English - This time we had to pick a proverb or saying and write a story to illustrate it. I chose:

Honesty Is The Best Policy

“Sitting here in my room at the hospital, I realise that honesty really is the best policy. Let me tell you my story…

It all started 5 years ago, when I started taking drugs – just a little to start off with, then it got more and more. Everyone noticed there was something wrong, but I got them to believe I was okay, eventually. If only I hadn’t, I could have got help – then I wouldn’t be feeling like this. Anyway, I started “borrowing” money from my mum or dad (I didn’t have a job, no one wanted me to work for them). Mum and dad noticed that money was disappearing, but no one suspected me. Soon my family was beginning to feel the strain. My mum and dad argued and finally divorced, and dad got custody of my sister. He started to knock her about and shortly after that she jumped out of their 14th floor window… She was dead when she hit the ground below, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t even go to the funeral because I was lying stoned in an alley at the time.

About a year ago I suffered a nervous breakdown. So now I’m in a mental ward suffering severe trauma and withdrawal symptoms.

So don’t anyone tell me that honesty isn’t the best policy.”

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AllyBally said...

Teacher's Comments:

"A tragic story which is all too representative of young people in trouble today. Keep up the good work."