Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What's a Blackening?

And why they scare me.

What happens during a blackening?:
What does one look like?:

And why does this scare me so? For many years I had no idea... I just knew if I so much as heard the noise of one, I couldn't go outside in case I met it... I used to dive down lanes, into shops, anything I could to not see one pass.

But then I was told this story...

Apparently, when I was just a baby... a year and a bit or so... I was sitting on a low dyke across the road from our house with Mum & Dad. Now, at this time, we lived across from the pier in Kirkwall, and firmly in the pub district. Well, a blackening drove past (it was a bride-to-be) and a woman on the back of the lorry knew my Dad. The lorry stopped, and she jumped down, drunk as a skunk, making a helluva racket and covered in molasses, feathers, flour and god knows what else... and grabbed my Dad.

Well, I must have thought that this vision from Hell was trying to take my Daddy away - because I screamed and started howling!

The woman was severely apologetic and so sorry she had upset me... but it appears the damage was done!

I still don't like blackenings, but I can actually look at one as it passes now.

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